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Welcome to Etiquette Place

The Etiquette Place is a Corporate Finishing School revolutionising the Nigerian community on matters of work ethics, best practice, good attitude, and proper public manners.

The Etiquette Place is affiliated with Protocol University, Boston USA and organises Protocol Certification Courses in Boston annually.

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    Executive Presence Programme

  • Have you mastered the illusive art of Executive presence?
  • Can you command a room?
    You have the requisite technical skills to earn the executive title but, do you have the presence?
    “Executive Presence counts for 26% of what it takes to be promoted.” Centre for Talent Innovation, New York.

    Social Intelligence Programme for Executives & Professionals

  • Harness your proficiencies in dialogue, teamwork and communication…to maximize productivity.
    Enhance your social intelligence – Put Your Best Foot Forward!

    Personal Branding Masterclass

  • A personal brand is in many ways, synonymous with your reputation. It refers to the way other people perceive you. What do you represent?
  • Learn how to build a powerful personal brand
    • Your personal brand can open doors of opportunity and increase your net worth
    • Discover, maximize and monetize your personal brand
    • Optimize the ROI of the brand, YOU.

    Consulting & Executive Coaching

  • In the workplace today, an individual cannot become a star executive without possessing a unique type of business smarts…called Executive Intelligence.
  • One-on-one Session
  • Consulting & Exclusive Brand Coaching for Executives



  • Self-awareness is an essential tool for personal growth and organizational success. Knowing yourself helps you manage your emotions and relate better with others.
  • Learn how to meet your personal target and corporate objective by developing a strong sense of self-awareness.

    Professional Behaviour

  • Knowing how to interact with others in a business setting, distinguishes you and gives you the unfair advantage.

    Dining / Cocktail Etiquette

  • Many business deals are sealed over lunch. How are your dining skills? Oscar Wilde said; “The world was my oyster but, I used the wrong fork!”

    Social & Business Etiquette

    “Mistakes in etiquette can cost you business.”
    No matter how sophisticated we think we have become as global citizens, basic courtesy from one person to another is still the primary language of business.”

    “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” Clarence Thomas

    Attitude & The Bottom-line

  • Attitude is everything! How many organizations invest in promoting the best attitude in the workplace?
  • “A bad attitude is like a bad tyre… you cannot go anywhere unless you change it…”

    Public Speaking Manners

  • “Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate” Gerard Ford – 38 th President, USA
    Public speaking skills have risen to the top of nearly every company’s wish list of executive attributes.” Wall Street Journal Build your self-confidence and enhance your communication skills.

    Professional Image (Dress Sense & Comportment)

  • Do you know how to create a professional image at work? Your appearance and presentation are the primary factors people evaluate. Learn how to deliberately project a professional image.
  • “Dressing well is a form of good manners” Tom Ford

    Impression Management

    Everyone makes and receives first impressions, which directly affect the way we perceive each other, thereafter.
    What first impressions ate you unconsciously projecting?

  • You are responsible for empowering other people’s impression about you.

    Customer Service

  • “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but, LEGENDARY” Walton

    Ownership Mentality

  • Take the initiative and make things happen in the work place.

    The Brand, YOU!

  • Get the tools to create a lasting brand image!


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    THE ETIQUETTE PLACE attends to a varying clientele for whom one method of training would not be appropriate. To meet their convenience, we employ different tutoring techniques

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    In-House Programmes

    Our open programmes are designed to grant both executives and young professionals a platform to share experiences in the course of learning.

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    Books & Materials

    Our methods of tutoring are customised to fit specific client needs. some of which include: face-to-face lectures; virtual or on-line learning; the use of case studies; interactive sessions; feedback from peers and faculty; experiential learning.