About us

Welcome to The Etiquette Place

Research has shown that business organisations who consciously practice work place etiquette show a marked improvement on their productivity margin compared to organisations that do not.
Knowledge of proper business/work place manners makes for a genial work environment with consideration for the individual and respect for organisation hierarchy.

The Etiquette Place is a Corporate Finishing School revolutionising the Nigerian community on matters of work ethics, best practice, good attitude, and proper public manners.
The Etiquette Place is affiliated with Protocol University, Boston USA and organises Protocol Certification Courses in Boston annually.


Core Value

  • Professionalism
  • Best Practice
  • Consideration
  • Integrity
  • Individualism
  • Excellence

Our Mission

  • To create awareness of acceptable social manners and professional skills lacking in our daily personal and business interaction.
  • To help individuals and organisations boost their effectiveness by dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s with unmistakable image and personality branding.
  • To turn social-manners fledglings into savvy executives by sharpening the greatness inherent in all with the tools of professional refinement... enhancing their brand.

Our vision

Raising generations of leaders, business executives, and professionals with appropriate social behavioural patterns and consciousness, that enhance business success and promote lasting relationships across all strata of the society.