Executive Presence

Professionals and upwardly mobile executives who attend this course will acquire the discipline to act with refinement, due propriety, and sophistication to enable them display “savoir faire” (the appropriate behaviour in social situations). In addition to enhancing their appearance and presentation, they are furnished with social and emotional intelligence suitable for smart networking. They gain the “plus effect” and are tutored to exhibit profound professional commitment with the right attitude, values, and standards.

Course Fee: $1,250

No. of Participants:

(More than 3 participants Click here to make a request)

Course Duration: 9 Hour Duration
(Flexible learning hours spread between 1 to 3 days)


  • Implant / Corporate Training Programme - This is a traditional classroom training method at the client's preferred venue. The client takes care of venue, Tea and lunch.
  • On-site/Open Programme - This is a classroom training method hosted by The Etiquette Place at Marriott hotel. The fee is inclusive of venue, tea and lunch buffet.
  • Virtual programme - A full Online Webinar